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    1. Club Members (who must be members of the Australian Trail Horse Riders Assoc) shall have first call on places in treks or other Club activities. All participants at rides and events held by the WAHTC must comply with the ATHRA “Code of Conduct”.
    1. No stallions or dogs shall be allowed on treks or at trek camps.
    1. Members, and their guests, shall at all times behave so as not to impinge on the enjoyment of others while taking part in any of the Club’s activities. Music is permitted, as long as it does not disturb, offend or impinge on others conversations and needs to cease at 9.30pm.
    1. Media matters (published articles in newspapers/magazines or filmed interviews for television) must be authorized by the committee or person appointed by the committee. Any items (including any advertising) posted on Social Media (eg. Facebook, Twitter, etc) will be monitored and authorized by the committee and the administrators for the site/s.
    2. The authority of the Committee or Trail Boss is absolute whilst on the trek, and a member or participant may be asked not to ride, or drive, if his or her horse is, in the opinion of the Committee or Trail Boss, unfit. If the member’s conduct is unacceptable, or their horse is, in the opinion of the Committee or Trail Boss, a health hazard or a danger, they may be asked to leave.
    3. All participants must have yards approved by the Committee and/or Ride Coordinator. They must meet requirements of Government and Local Authorities and private property owners. Refer to the guidelines in the club’s “Ride Information Sheet”. All care must be taken to ensure horses do not damage trees and vegetation.
    4. All horse feed used on treks must meet requirements Government and Local Authorities and private property owners. The Committee will advise all participants prior to each trek how feed is to be organized.
    5. Any horse outside its yard must always be fully supervised.
    6. Visitors may be allowed at treks and trek camps/events subject to the approval of the Committee or Ride Coordinator.
    7. Club Members who act as ride organisers and are not riding, are required to pay the ride fees through “Nominate”, as a non-rider.
    8. Non-member Volunteers – Any person who is not a member and acts as a volunteer helper for the ride is required to have approval from the ride organiser and trail boss.  A ride volunteer form must be completed and returned 1 week prior to the ride and the ride register signed at the event. No ride fees are payable for the approved ride only. Accommodation fees may still be applicable.
    9. Day Member Sponsors A Day Member is sponsored and accompanied at all times on the ride by the sponsor, who must be an ATHRA member. The sponsor must make the Day Member welcome and aware of ATHRA’s current Ride Rules and the other requirements of the Code of Conduct and may only sponsor one rider per ride. The sponsor’s participation in this procedure is an acknowledgement of responsibility for the conduct of the Day Member. If you don’t know anyone prior to act as your sponsor, contact the ride organiser and this will be arranged. 
    1. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 years (who must be current junior members of the Australian Trail Horse Riders Assoc) will be allowed on Club events under the following conditions:
    1. Each child must be accompanied by an adult who has responsibility for the welfare, care and safety of the child (“responsible adult”). If the responsible adult is not a parent or legal guardian, then written permission must be provided by the parent or legal guardian for the child to participate in the event and that written advice must nominate a responsible adult.
    2. One adult shall be responsible for a maximum of two children only.
    3. The minimum age shall be 12 years.
    4. Safety equipment (helmets) must be worn by children.
    5. Each application must be approved by the Committee.
    6. The Committee will nominate particular events that are deemed suitable for children. In general, children will not be allowed on the longer events or those that are not clover leaf type events.


    1. Annual Trek fees and refund policy –
      1. The annual trek fee will be paid in two instalments – first payment being 30% of the trek fee due on or before two months prior to the commencement of the trek and second payment being 70% of the trek fee due on or before one month prior to the commencement of the trek:
        1. Late payments will be accepted or not at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
        2. Either payment may be withdrawn in full if requested in writing before the respective due date.
        3. Upon the passing of the first payment date, the Executive Committee will decide if the trek will proceed. If affirmative, the first payment becomes non-refundable if the trek proceeds except as provided for herein. If the trek does not proceed, the first payment will be refunded in full.
        4. Upon the passing of the second payment date, the committee will decide if the trek will proceed. If affirmative, the second payment becomes non-refundable if the trek proceeds except as provided for herein. If the trek does not proceed, both payments will be refunded in full.
      2. Where an applicant withdraws from a trek after the second payment date and where the final payment has not been made, this payment will still be due and payable on demand upon written notice from the Club if the trek proceeds.
      3. Should a member who has paid the full trek fee be unable to join the trek then they may:
        1. with the committee’s approval transfer the full payment to another club member for that trek in time for that member to participate; or
        2. carry forward the second payment, if the trek makes a surplus, for two years against the annual trek fee for those years until reduced to zero.
      4. If the reason for a members non-participation was health issues with themselves/their horse and they provide written evidence from a doctor/vet stating explicitly that the person/horse cannot physically participate in the trek and the reasons thereto, then to the extent the trek makes a surplus, that surplus may, subject to the trek accounts being reconciled and funds being available, be distributed proportionately among those persons concerned up to the amount of the second payment.
    2. Day and weekend rides refund policy – Rider / non-rider entry fees:
      1. If a participant wishes to withdraw at any time before or during the ride, no refunds will be made for ride entry fees, after payment is made, by either the club or “Nominate”.
      2. Accommodation charges: Where a participant withdraws from a ride a refund for the accommodation portion may be available with committee approval if:
        1. The withdrawal is made in writing by the participant indicating the reason, to the ride organizer.
        2. The minimum numbers required by the venue is attained and there is no financial loss to the club for the accommodation booking for the period.
        3. The amount charged by “Nominate” (currently 5.5%) will be deducted.
        4. No refunds will be made if withdrawal is in the last two full days before the ride commences.
      3. Payments to committee members. A committee member includes a member of a subcommittee and a Committee meeting includes a meeting of a subcommittee. A committee member is entitled to be paid out of the funds of the Association for any out-of-pocket expenses for travel and accommodation properly incurred at the discretion of the committee —
        1. in attending a committee meeting or
        2. in attending a general meeting; or
        3. otherwise in connection with the Association’s business.

    Our Model Rules (Constitution) are available here WAHTC Model Rules lodged Feb 19