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  • About the WA Horse Trekkers Club

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    The club was formed in 1990/91, following the Mundaring to Kalgoorlie Pipeline Trek in 1988. It was incorporated in May 1992. At present, the club has approximately 45-50 members from areas all over our great State.The club runs non-competitive trail rides and is open to both horse riders and harness drivers. You can use any breed of horse that is sound and sensible and any saddle or gear that you find comfortable and is safe. In the past the club has been an adult club, but from 2003 children over 12 have been able to join in some of the shorter weekend events. Rides are generally run from a private property or a place where vehicles and floats left behind are secure. Trails are generally through tracks in the bush, through private property or along quiet back roads. Tracks and roads are often gravely and it is preferred if horses wear hoof boots or are shod.


    Here is a short video of one of our recent treks.

    An annual trek of two weeks is usually organised each year. Depending on the location, it is held between August and November. Average distances covered would be generally 300-400 kms travelling 30-40 kms per day with some rest days incorporated. Annual treks have been held as far North as Mt Augustus/ Gascoyne Junction, East to Kalgoorlie and South around Hopetown, Bremer Bay.

    Because of the widespread area members come from, rides are held in different locations in the Perth Regional Area and southwest of WA on each long weekend over 3-4 days, to allow for travelling time and some shorter rides over normal weekends as well as day rides are also held.

    Weekend rides usually include a half-day ride (12-20 km) commencing after lunch on the first day, to allow everyone time to arrive and set up. A full day ride (25-35 km) is run on the middle day/s with a picnic lunch out on the trail. Often, though not always, someone in a support vehicle accompanies the ride to bring along the lunches, gear, etc. On the last day, a morning ride (12-15 km) is held allowing time for everyone to travel home after lunch. Evenings are usually spent around the campfire (in season), camp cooking and telling yarns and relaxing. You can also join in for one or two days if you aren’t able to stay a full weekend. The pace is generally slow, mostly walking and trotting, and participants spread out along the trail in pairs or small groups.


    All participants are usually self sufficient on rides.

    You will need:

    • Your horse, of course, although support people are appreciated.
    • All riding and driving gear including spares of essentials.
    • Camping gear including Swag or tent, gas stoves etc
    • Electric or steel yards
    • Horse food and bins for water and food
    • Spare horse shoes/boots, all horses should be shod or have boots.
    • Horse nose bags, saddle bags and water bags are helpful too.
    • Sun and/or Rain protection.
    • Food for all meals unless otherwise advised
    • No dogs or stallions are allowed at rides.

    It is recommended all adult participants wear helmets but it is not compulsory and everyone is asked to sign a declaration they accept the risks in the event of injury. Helmets are compulsory for children.


    Membership fees each year (1st Jan – 31st Dec) are decided at the AGM and are currently;

    • $110.00 per year for adults for riding or driving members,
    • $50.00 for Junior Member (12 – 18),
    • $40.00 for Social Members and
    • $60 for over 80 year olds.

    Visitors can join us for two days of riding in total before having to join.  Please see full details regarding Day Riders below.

    Weekend rides are run at minimal cost, usually only $10. More is charged for longer treks  or weekends providing accommodation, depending on how they are organised.

    A new member joining after 1st Oct is current until the end of the following financial year. Non-members are also able to participate, but must become members after attending two days of riding.


    Please visit www.athra.com.au and join as a member (see right hand corner of page), nominating “WA Horse Trekkers Club Inc” as your club in WA.

    For Non- Members

    Day Rider

    • Fill out the Day membership online form and pay Day membership to ATHRA ($15/day) www.athra.com.au under the membership tab.
    • A Day Member registration certificate will be emailed to the Day Member once the application process is completed and the fee paid.
    • In order to participate as a Day Member an individual must produce their Day Member registration certificate to the club and sign the Ride Attendance Register and have an ATHRA member sponsor
    • Then go to “Nominate” and pay the Ride fee ($15/day). Two “day memberships” are allowed per year.
    • Should a Day Member apply for full ATHRA membership within seven (7) days of the date of the ride on the Day Member registration certificate, their full ATHRA membership fee shall be discounted by the amount of the Day Member fee paid.

    Day Member Sponsors

    A Day Member is sponsored and accompanied at all times on the ride by the sponsor, who must be an ATHRA member. The sponsor must make the Day Member welcome and aware of ATHRA’s current Ride Rules and the other requirements of the Code of Conduct, and may only sponsor one rider per ride. The sponsor’s participation in this procedure is an acknowledgement of responsibility for the conduct of the Day Member. If you don’t know anyone prior to act as your sponsor contact the ride organiser and this will be arranged.


    Members are sent emails once they have joined containing newsletters, trek notes and any other additional information.  These must be read carefully before entering a trek as there is always important information contained within them.  To enter a trek the club uses the Nominate – www.nominate.com.au.  Nominate instructions – Nominate Instructions updated 6 3 2018

    Details on how to enter each trek is contained in the trek notes sent out including each individual cost – PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THESE NOTES CAREFULLY as they contain IMPORTANT information.


    Club windcheaters, vests and shirts are available with the club logo screen stitched in white on the front and back. Newsletters are posted out at intervals advising members of coming events with venues, times, and any other club news.

    The club is affiliated with the Australian Trail Horse Riders Association and all members automatically become a member of ATHRA and receive a membership card. All insurances of the club is with ATHRA. ATHRA website www.athra.com.au